I’m so glad you’re here. Follow along as I document my travels and reflections while spending my last semester of college abroad in Copenhagen!

Why Copenhagen?

It’s a question I’ve been asked many times, and I certainly have an answer.

Hello / Hej!

I’m Francesca, a Filipino-American and New Jersey native who now attends college in Washington, D.C. I’m studying International Affairs (International Environmental Studies) at The George Washington University, and I’m passionate about climate action, human rights, and sustainable business. I’m ecstatic to explore and learn more about these passions in one of the happiest and greenest cities in the world: Copenhagen.

I also love writing, storytelling, and capturing moments on camera – hence the purpose of this blog. With plans of graduating this December, I sure plan for my final semester of college to be an unconventionally exhilarating one. Welcome to my travel diary! 📷

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